Senior High Youth (grades 9-12)

Surge is more than a program. We are a community of believers who walk through life's tough questions. 

Our Focus is making a difference in our world. 

Connect with Kate today to become part of this community. Make a difference. 

First Wednesday of Surge is Sept. 22nd (8 p.m.-9 p.m.), we will meet weekly following the school calendar meeting Sept. 22nd to May 11th. 

Events and service projects are sprinkled throughout the year! Friends are always welcome! 

Kate Roettger, Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministry,

Haven't met Kate yet? Click here to meet Kate. 

2021 Sr. High Summer Trips

The Sr. High Trips for 2021 include Sky Ranch and Wilderness Canoe Base. 

Sky Ranch- July 31st-August 7th-  Spend a week at camp participating in hiking, high ropes, service projects, and whitewater rafting.  both Sky Ranch and to Wilderness. At Sky Ranch campers will challenge themselves and enjoy God's great creation! Cost to CLC Camper $375 (Cambridge pays over half of the total cost of $700) . 

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Wilderness Canoe Base, Boundary Waters-July 19th-25th- Throughout the week every one on this trip will have the chance to learn and reflect on God's creation, strengthen faith, build teamwork, and come away with more confidence in themselves and their group. Wilderness Canoe Trips are incredibly transformative. Cost to CLC Campers: $200 CLC pays over half the total cost of $575. 

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We want everyone to go to Camp! Because we believe this, we want camp to be accessible to everyone. CLC has additional scholarship money set aside for ANY family that would like assistance. No questions asked! Contact Kate Roettger today at