I Love My Church
In this new series we’ll look at the cores values on which we are built (hint: it’s not about us…it’s about Jesus!). 

Sept. 9 - Gifted Serving
Sept. 16 - Gracious Invitation, Relevant Worship
Sept. 23 - Spiritual Growth

Sept. 30 - Compassionate Community

40 Days of Prayer
Throughout the 40 Days of Prayer series, starting Oct. 7, we will learn how to cultivate a powerful prayer life and experience life-change in our relationship challenges, financial difficulties, bad habits, health crisis, and many other areas of our lives. 
Oct. 7 - Do You Want to Grow Up? 
Oct. 14 - A Beginners Guide to Prayer
Oct. 21 - Who Are You Praying To? 
Oct. 28 - The Purpose, Practice & Power of Prayer
Nov. 4 - How to Pray Through Your Day
Nov. 11 - How to Pray for Healing & Restoration

See recent services and sermons in previous series.

Up Next!

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Barefoot Church

August 12- Barefoot Abroad

August 19- Barefoot in the City

August 26- Barefoot in our Community

September 2- Barefoot for the Future