Path to Home is our ministry to people with nowhere to live who are in need of shelter. 

Sept. 20–Sept. 27. Due to covid we will be hosting off site. We will follow the same protocol as May hosting, we will be providing grocery gift cards and take out food gift cards. If you would like to provide either or for more info call or email Beth Sodermana at

Roles Needed:

+ Overnight Hosts

+ Meal Preparers

+ Evening Hosts

+ Set up and take down crew members

+ Food donations & snacks for the middle of the week


Set up Crew:

Sunday morning Day 1 set up after 1st Horizon Service. It usually takes 1-2 hours. Unpack New Pathways trailer and set up guest bedrooms. This volunteer job entails the unloading of mattresses, bed frames and plywood pieces from the trailer. Classrooms in basement become bedrooms for our guests.

Our basement classrooms are transformed into family bedrooms (up to 6 bedrooms), complete with beds and other necessary items to make our guests comfortable for the week. If you are unable to lift, there are other jobs that must be completed during this time, so do not hesitate to volunteer. Beds need to be made up. The most guests we house is 24.

Set up crew tips and duties are listed on a clipboard and available the day of set up.

Meal Preparers:

Prepare a dinner meal for our guests-allergies, dietary restrictions and head count will be available to you in advance via a phone call or e-mail. The head count may be fluid during the week. This meal is so graciously made by you, paid by you and cleaned up by you. You are welcome to use the kitchen to make your meal, heat up your meal etc. You may arrive at the church by 4:45-5:00 to set up the dining area. The Guests usually eat in the Surge area. The evening Hosts could also be included in the meal and help you with General Clean up and dish washing. Dinner is at 5:30. Path to Home dinner drink is usually juice, milk and/or water. We will also let you know ahead of time, if we know, what the other meal preparers are making during the week.

Sign Confidentiality agreement. Stay until Evening Hosts come at 6:30 PM

Evening Hosts: 6:30 PM -9:30 PM

Arrive at church at 6:15 -6:30. Greet guests. The primary focus of the evening hosts are to be responsive to the needs of the guests. You may socialize with the Guest and if you want you could do an activity or play games etc with the guests. You are more than welcome to come at 5:30 and assist the meal crew with set up, dine with the guests and help clean up. Sign Confidentiality agreement. 

Overnight Hosts: 9:00-7:45 am.

Arrive at 9:30pm to meet the Guests before the evening Hosts sign out. Assist the Guests as needed as they settle in for the night. Overnight Hosts sleep in their own private quarters at the church and are only awakened in the case of an emergency. The church building must be locked and secured at 10:00PM. Guests are responsible for getting themselves up and leaving the church by 7:30-7:45. You also help in the kitchen prepping for breakfast; Pulling out toaster, milk, setting out whatever is there for breakfast. Items should be marked in Fridge. Have supplies out for guests to make their lunches. A quick cleanup of kitchen after the guest leave for school, work and the Family Center. If you cannot stay until 7:45 please let me know and I will come in whenever you have to leave. Sign Confidentiality agreement. 

Volunteer Nurse 1st Sunday of Arrival or following Monday:

This volunteer nurse will meet with each family privately to update their Health Inventory. Forms are provided and this usually takes anywhere from 1-2 hours. If a new family enters sometime during the week the nurse may be called to come do a quick Health Inventory on the new family. A health Inventory is completed at each church site.

All health records are maintained in the Black Box that travel to each church. The Black Box has all confidential information and must be locked at all times. Sign Confidentiality agreement. 

Clean-up Crew needed for second Sunday of the Week :

The clean-up crew is an early morning crew that arrives at the church by 7:00 am. This crew dismantles the guest rooms and transforms them back into the classrooms. Specific duties involve taking down bed frames, mattresses, plywood pieces and loading them in the trailer so they may be transported to the next church location. All of the bedrooms need to be emptied and set up for classrooms by 8:30 AM. Other duties include vacuuming, garbage removal and cleaning the guest bathrooms. The confidential Black Box must be put in Trailer.

Laundry Crew:

Responsible for cleaning all the linens. Laundry for up to 24 guest beds. Pick up Laundry the second Sunday of Path to Home or the following Monday. Linens will be downstairs by the Path to Home Supply Closet. Totes are available to take laundry home or black garbage bags. Return to same spot at your leisure.

Trailer Driver Volunteer needed for second Sunday of the Week:

Make sure the Black Box is in the Trailer. Drives the trailer to the next church around 9-9:30 am.

Revised January 2020