The "Gifts & Passion Survey" is found here (click link): 

Gift Passion Survey

The Benefits of Completing the Gifts & Passion Survey: 

a) It lets the church know your gifts & passion

b) It helps you identify your gifts

c) It allows the staff to better connect members and ministry


Following the Gift & Passion Survey, the link will direct you to a series of Serving categories by which you can identify areas of interest to serve. When completed, that will be automatically emailed to a staff person who will review it and get back to you. Thank you for taking the time. 


Welcome to our "Do Stuff" Gateway!

Follow these steps to begin serving according to your gifts and interests.

Step 1: Take the Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Discover ways that God has gifted you in as little as 5 minutes. Once you have your results, note your results to use in Steps 2 & 3. You can also visit Chazown to follow a larger assessment process for free.  

Step 2: Reflect on Your Gifts

Download "Spiritual Gifts Definitions and Biblical References" to better understand your gifts and see some of the roles at Cambridge Lutheran that relate to each gift area.

Step 3: Complete the "Do Stuff" Sign Up Tool

This form enables you to pass along your gifts and interests in specific roles at Cambridge Lutheran. A staff person will follow up with you within a week to discuss next steps.