2022 summer camp opportunities

OX Lake - July 10th-15th- Limited Space

Who: Grades 6-8 (completed) 

Cost to CLC Campers: $250 (CLC pays over half of the total cost of Camp $545)

Registration opens Jan 15

Wapo Youth Camp - July 10th-17th- Limited Space

Who: Grades 4-8 (completed) 

Cost to CLC Campers: $250 (CLC pays over half of the total cost of Camp $545)

Registration opens Jan 15

SEEDS DATE - July 15th-17th - Limited Space

Who: Grades 1-3 (completed) 

Cost to CLC Seeds Campers: $100 (CLC pays over half of the total cost of $225)

Registration opens Jan 15

High School Trip- TBD

Come to Parent/Youth Meeting Jan. 9th at 11:00 a.m. in Surge Room. 

SPACE WILL FILL. Registration opens Jan 15th. Be sure to register for Wapo Jan 15th!

CLC wants to send ALL kids to camp! Additional money is available to help pay for camp. Connect with Kate Roettger at KLR@cambridgelutheran.org

OX Lake (grade 6-8) summer 2022

Hello, Parents of 6th-8th graders!

In addition to Camp Wapo middle school students are offered the option of Ox Lake. 

OX Lake (6th-8th grade)

Ox Lake- July 10th-15th

Who: 6th-8th Grade

CLC Camper Cost: $250 (overall cost is $545, CLC pays over half)

Registration opens Jan. 15th

Why OX Lake?

Ox Lake is a newer experience for our middle school students- Let’s take some time to talk about it! 

Ox Lake is hidden away on 270 acres of native grasslands, a hidden lake, a winding stream, Ox Lake is a place to experience nature, community, and exciting activities that will be the highlight of the summer! 

Ox Lake is part of Camp Wapo. Ox Lake has the same elements as the Camp Wapo site that campers love. Including Bible study, campfire, and worship with the songs that they know and love. All of this with a more relaxed atmosphere and added variety. 

I have served at two different churches that transitioned students from the Camp Wapo Site to the Ox Lake Site. At both churches, kids were nervous to make the change. They thought it might be too rustic and were unsure . At both churches, after the week at OX kids said that they LOVED OX and wanted to be OX campers forever! Campers love OX! 

The field games are amazing! They include outdoor laser tag, bubble soccer, human foosball, along with Wapo favorites (Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge and Capture the Flag).  There is Gaga as well! Can’t forget low ropes- another camper favorite! Ox campers also go canoeing. 

Ox has a beloved Canteen! Canteen at Ox is full of variety, including all the flavors of Jarritos Mexican Soda Pop. 

The Dining Hall looks like a summer camp movie scene. It is large and screened in- surrounded by greenery. Meals are made with fresh ingredients and prepared onsite, and the food is different from Camp Wapo. 

When some think of ox, they think rustic. But, Ox has the amenities that we love- cabins have electricity (ceiling fans even) and bunks. There is a shower house (heated showers), and regular bathrooms.  

The feeling at  OX is  relaxed, not as scheduled. For example, at Ox Lake campers might stay awake late one night to play night games and the following morning they get to sleep in before breakfast. Did you catch that, OX plays night games! Night games are a total highlight of the Ox experience! There is also time to just relax- think hammocks! 

Ox campers LOVE OX. OX is a great opportunity for CLC kids to live in community, grow in their faith and build friendships. 

Camp Scholarships

CLC wants all kids to go to camp. CLC is paying half (or more) for all CLC kids. There is additional money available for anyone who needs it. No questions asked! 

Whichever Summer Camp experience you choose for your middle school student- whether it be Camp Wapo, WBC, Ox Lake or a combination of camps, God will be present! Fun will be present! Friendships and faith will be strengthened. 

Contact me at klr@cambridgeluther.org with any questions.

Looking forward to Summer!


Kate Roettger, Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministry