Our mission work beyond our community includes these ministries:


This is the story of our partnership with Mashiah Foundation in Nigeria.

In 2006, after a period of prayer and waiting for the right opportunity, we began a partnership with Mashiah Foundation in Jos, Nigeria to address the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa. Our partnership began following a visit by one of our members to Jos. Since then additional members have made journeys there and we've been fortunate to host the leaders of Mashiah Foundation--Mary Beth and Bayo Oyebade--here at Cambridge Lutheran and witness their contagious optimism and compassion. Mashiah Foundation reaches out with Christian love to a community that has an HIV infection rate of 15%. 

Nigeria has been affected by one of the greatest global tragedies of our generation. Orphans and widows are in search of hope. Mashiah is a real and tangible witness to the love and compassion of Christ. In 2010, we raised $10,000 to purchase a new generator to allow Mashiah to take the next step in outreach, providing power for a new medical clinic and job training center, a school for children, and a home for widows and orphans. In Fall 2014, we raised over $2500 to help Mashiah Foundation repair their bridge which allows children to attend their school and others to participate in their ministry. In 2015, we welcomed Mary Beth and Bayo once more to share in worship and presented them with a check for over $2300 to support their vital ministry. Through Mashiah Foundation, Cambridge Lutheran is spreading God's love around the world.